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Welcome to the Official Website of International Scurvy Awareness Day!

[vc_column_text]lemonlimeWhen people find out that we have launched a global initiative to eradicate Scurvy, generally the first question the ask is:

“Didn’t we already cure Scurvy, like, a hundred years ago?”

That’s when I tell them:

“No, we cured Scurvy almost 400 years ago…”

Scurvy is a disease that has been recognized by doctors since before the days of the Ancient Greeks, but even though we have had a quick, easy and cost effective cure available to us since the 17th century there are still hundreds of cases of Scurvy are reported in the United States every single year, and even more cases worldwide.

Each one of these cases could easily be prevented by simply eating an apple, drinking some orange juice, or just enjoying a couple of Margaritas on the back deck in the summertime – just use real lime juice!

The humble Mission of LimeStrong is to make sure that every single person in the world (at least those savvy ones with internet access) are aware that the only thing they need to eradicate Scurvy from their lives forever is to simply eat at least a couple of fruits or vegetables a week. That’s it.

And that message is the reason for International Scurvy Awareness Day and

margarita_elegantThis goal is made even easier by the fact that Scurvy is one of only two diseases known to modern medicine that can be easily treated and the only one that can be cured by drinking a wide variety of readily available cocktails. Just enjoying a Bloody Mary, Margarita, apple sauce, or even just a cool glass of lemonade twice a week will insure that you stay fit and healthy.
So however you ended up here, why not take a second to poke around the rest of the website and learn more about International Scurvy Awareness Day, and maybe even get some ideas of how you can help us to get the word out on May 2nd?

Either way, thank you for learning about our cause![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Be informed!

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