LimeStrong Anti-Scurvy College Scholarship


lime-collegeNo, we’re not kidding. is proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Stephen Linder Foundation to offer a $500 scholarship to young men and women bound for college.  This is a real scholarship that can be used by the recipient as they see fit to help pay for books, tuition, citrus beverages, and other vital academic expenses.  We are not giving out $500 worth of T-shirts or limes, although in the interest of full disclosure we did initially consider it.
This Scholarship program is a proud embodiment of the shared values of both the and the Stephen Linder Foundation organizations:

  1. Shameless self-aggrandizing through philanthropic acts.
  2. Delivering relentless and unyielding support to things that would have otherwise succeeded anyway.


How do I qualify for the Scholarship?

  • This Scholarship is awarded to college bound individuals that submit an essay of exactly 1052 words that best embodies the ideals of Scurvy Awareness Day.


Who is eligible?

Recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • The recipients must be College bound
  • The recipients must be free of Scurvy at time of award


How do I apply?

  • Applicants should submit an essay of exactly 1052 words (including personal contact information) that expresses your interpretation and dedication to the Anti-Scurvy movement to the following email address:


What is the amount of the Scholarship?

  • $500 US Dollars


How are Recipients Chosen?

  • LimeStrong reserves the right to pick whomever the heck we want to, even if that choice is blatantly arbitrary and/or more or less selected at random.
  • That being said we will make every effort to insure the process is as fair as possible, but we just really don’t the money to go to a total jerk who just happens to be really good at churning out anti-Scurvy essays.


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