I find it hard to believe that someone would steal the artwork, graphics, or content from a site that is simply trying to cure a disease that has ravaged people since the days of Socrates but I honestly thought Brad and Angelina were going to make it as a couple so I obviously can’t read people.


So here we go:

  • All material contained within this site was either purchased, donated, originally created or obtained from public domain sources.
  • No infringements or copyright violations were either intended or meant to be implied in either the creation, publishing, contemplation, or otherwise presentation of any materials used in or about this Web Site, in any way whatsoever.
  • If you find an exception to this, simply have the material’s lawful author or owner contact us and request the infringing content be removed, and the material will be removed as soon as humanly possible.  All we ask is that someone making such a claim demonstrate at least reasonable proof of ownership of the material in question.
  • LimeStrong does not condone, support, or promote the abuse of animals.  That said, we really don’t consider putting fruit helmets on cats to be “abuse”.  Before you email us to argue about Cats Wearing Fruit Helmets, why not take a moment to: Lean back, close your eyes, and assess internally if doing so is really the best use of your time?
  • Our sincere apologies to Jessica Alba.  Every reference made to you within this website was done with the utmost respect.  Infact, every new LimeStrong employee is required to watch 3 mandatory videos before being able to join the team;


Be informed!

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